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Seven Reasons to register on the Marathon Portal

1. The Club Captains List, search by area and find your local Club Captain
2. Your historic Sanlam Cape Town Marathon results on your personal dashboard
3. The latest news, before newsletters and social media (like catch-up if you missed the social media posts)
4. In-depth, nitty gritty detailed route information
5. When we hit 10,000 members, we will switch on the community forum for engagement with fellow runners.
6. Your race number, batch and start time will be displayed on your Portal Dashboard
7. When you enter the Marathon it will will reflect on your Portal Dashboard

To make it easier for you we recommend using the same email and password you used on the entry site (Howler). The portal is not linked to your entry on Howler. We will soon include your confirmed entry here on your dashboard.

NB. This registeration does not mean you have entered one of the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon Events. The Marathon Portal serves to improve your personal experience.

Marathon Portal Register Form

  • Portal Login Details

    To make it easy use the same email address and password for your entry and portal access

  • The password must have a minimum strength of Weak
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  • Identification

    Your identity or passport number links your historic event data and entry status to your Marathon Runner Portal Profile
  • Provide your South African Identity Number
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  • Date of birth
  • Portal Profile

  • This is a different name you can choose to display, eg an alias or nick name.
  • Marathon

    These time inputs appear on your dashboard
  • Select your finishing time goal to access the right training plan.
  • This is your current Personal Best and is editable in your dashboard
  • Marathon Training Plans

    Are you looking to follow a Training Plan?
  • Select one of the following training plans based on your desired goal time.
  • Select your personal goal time.
  • How many days do you have to commit to training per week?
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NOTE. This registration is separate from the entry system to run any one of the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon Events

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