February Newsletter


Ten million runners across the globe belong to an exclusive club whose single, intense focus is to run a city marathon on every continent. They are attracted by the unique diversity that characterises each city. They are drawn to the energy that pulses through each city’s streets. They are magnetised by the thrill of starting a race through a city whilst its residents sleep. A race where their foot-strike is the only sound on the silent streets. A race where the dawn’s silence is broken by cheers, chants and encouragement of the locals as they wake up and support the runners.

A city marathon’s magic overwhelms all five senses – from the sight of the sun’s first ray on Table Mountain; the sound of the waves lapping against the Sea Point Promenade; the chill of the gentle dawn air touching naked arms causing gooseflesh; the taste of water passing dry lips; and the smell of freshly brewed coffee keeping the supporters warm.

Sanlam Cape Town Marathon is on the bucket-list of many international runners. It is our ongoing dream to make this Africa’s iconic marathon, to share the magic of our beautiful city, Cape Town - the Mother City, with you as you explore her streets over the hallowed 42,2km. Whether you are a local resident or someone who has never been to our city, we  extend an invitation and welcome you to share in the magical soul of Cape Town. The Sanlam Cape Town Marathon continues its quest to be Africa’s Major City Marathon – An IAAF Gold Label Status Marathon.  Entries are OPEN - #ChallengeYourself #ChallengeaFriend and enter www.capetownmarathon.com

Africa is our home, this is our race – It’s CAPE TOWN, must run it!

PEACE TRAIL 22km – @ 07h00
PEACE TRAIL 12km – @ 07h45
PEACE RUN 5km – @ 08h00

MARATHON 42.2km – @ 06h40
PEACE RUN 10km – @ 07h10
      We know how much you love your Sanlam Cape Town Marathon T-shirt.

So, here’s your chance to show us just how much by taking a picture of you and your favourite T-shirt on your favourite running route.
  To run a marathon studies have shown you need between 12 to 20 weeks preparation. At the end of February you still have 30 weeks until Cape Town Marathon. Where to start?       As Africa’s must-run iconic city marathon and a certified carbon-neutral event, it encourages all participants to get involved in its Run4Change legacy programme by taking the pledge to ‘RunGreen’.  
  Charity entries are now open. Why not take on the challenge of running the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon in aid of a charity of your choice?       Whether you're new to running or have hundreds of miles behind you, you’ll be energized by the top performance of this classic shoe.  
  As the official hotel partner, Tsogo Sun has a variety of hotels conveniently located in the heart of Cape Town.       Mediclinic shows ten reasons why exercise is good for you. Exercise reduces you risks of many illnesses and increases your state of happiness.  
  The SANLAM CAPE TOWN MARATHON would like to thank its SPONSORS and PARTNERS for their ongoing support in enabling the running of this iconic city marathon.
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