46km Compulsory Kit

All 46km runners will be required to carry the following compulsory kit items. This will be checked at the start from 05:00 and 5:45.

The need for the compulsory kit cannot be underestimated and is there for your own safety. Participants arriving at the start without all the compulsory equipment will not be allowed to participate and will be not entitled to a refund.

There will be spot checks on the mountain and at the finish. The kit has been rated either Category 1, 2 or 3. If you are missing a Category 1 item you will be disqualified. If you are missing a Category 2 or 3 the specified time penalty will be added to your finish time. These regulations have been put in place for your own safety and we trust you will adhere to them. You are not permitted to drop or receive any of these items during the race and anyone seen doing so will be disqualified.

Category 1 Equipment:
Waterproof & breathable rain Jacket, with hood. (NO plastic bags, ponchos, PVC or rubbarised jackets will be acceptable)
Mobile phone (fully charged + event emergency number programmed 021 430 7357)


Category 2 Equipment:
Buff or similar
Space Blanket (minimum 2mx1m)
Basic & essential first aid (minimum: 1x Cohesive bandage 75mm x 4.5m, 1x First Aid Dressing #2)

Penalty: 30min time penalty per item

Category 3 Equipment:
Emergency Race nutrition: Minimum 400 Kcal worth (e.g. 2x energy bars of 65g each), 1 litre water (carrying capacity)

Penalty: 15min time penalty per item

Necessary Equipment:
Own cup (150ml)

Penalty: Self impossed penalty as there will be no cups at aid stations