Running As Me Time: How Pam’s Running Journey Complements Motherhood

AWMM Candidate   |  Apr. 23, 2024

Stumbling into the world of running

Pam stumbled into the world of running by chance, when going with her friend to collect their race entry. At registration, she decided on a whim to purchase an entry too, and a couple of days later ran her very first 10km road race. Her leap into running was exponential from here, with Pam ticking off her first marathon a few months later in June. Since then she’s gone on to complete two Comrades and a good number of full marathons, recently embarking on a Abbotts World Marathon Majors journey. 

Why the Majors?

Much like her running journey, Pam started her Majors journey by chance. “My first international marathon was Paris. I ran it to combine my love for running with traveling. I enjoyed the experience so much that I signed up for Berlin, as it was the next international marathon I could find.” Upon entering Berlin, Pam came to realise the Majors are in a whole different league. “It’s beautiful. It’s something special running a Major,” she says when reflecting on her first Major.

Starstruck by Berlin, Pam has decided to make a concerted effort to chase the Majors and earn her six star medal. “Achieving the six star medal seemed like a cool goal, and so I have committed to it. I love getting to experience the different cultures of the cities and exploring them by foot. The Majors also have the most amazing vibe and you are never alone on the route,” she says. 

How Pam uses running to carve out ‘me time’

Pam explains that the feeling that’s kept her coming back race after race is accomplishment and pride. “I find running exciting from the perspective of understanding what your body can withstand. Whether running a 10km or a 42km, there is a sense of pride created by the achievement of finishing the race,” she says. 

She’s made all the more proud when she knows that getting to the start line meant honoring her ‘me time’ and carving out time to just be alone with her thoughts. “You know as a mom we are so used to being everything for everyone that we sometimes forget to make time for ourselves. But we need to learn to do things for our mental health too. I am a better mom when I’ve been on a run. It’s my time,” says Pam.

In her interview, Pam shared that she wants to encourage more women to take up running. “There are a lot more men than women running marathons, but women make the best pacers. We have the discipline to run wisely,” she explains. “Women mustn’t be scared of this sport. They will love it, like I have,” she adds. 

Let’s wish this supermom all the best for her Majors journey, and perhaps let her inspire you to throw on a pair of takkies and take to a start line. You’ve got this.

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