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Why Run For The Oceans?

Sponsor Posts   |  May. 18, 2022

The Run for The Oceans Challenge by adidas and Parley

In line with the Sanlam Cape Town Marathons sustainable campaigns, we applaud this initiative by adidas.

It’s time to come together and #runfortheoceans. For every 10 minutes of running, adidas and Parley will clean up the equivalent weight of plastic bottles from our beaches and islands. Download the adidas running app and sign up. From May 28 to June 8, runners worldwide can track their runs to pursue the RFTO plastic waste goal.

10 Minutes of running* = One plastic** bottle cleaned up.

*The equivalent of one plastic bottle cleaned up = up to 250 000kg/500 000lbs

**The plastic bottles will be cleaned up together with Parley from the beaches that connect to the oceans. 

This year, we include a range of running sports as a key element (i.e. Tennis, Football). You can find a full list of what can be tracked in the section 04 adidas running App

Why run for the oceans?

  • The oceans generate every second breath we take
  • The ocean gives us life. In return, we give it plastic
  • Every minute, the equivalent of a dump truck of plastic waste enters the oceans
  • Its time to take ownership of the issue and responsibility for the solution
  • We believe that through sport, we have the power to change lives
  • Through RFTO, we harness the power of sport to raise awareness about the state of the oceans and inspire positive action.

Timing and Dates

The registration started, and sign up is possible until June 8.

May 9 – 22 = Sign Up Phase

Please note: Tracking minutes is only possible from the age of 16 in most countries. 

May 23 – June 8 = RFTO live/Tracking

Join the Global movement by signing up for the Run For The Oceans Challenge on the adidas running App.

Link to Join




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